Pakistan today a confident nation with meaningful growth and development : Syed Ibne Abbas

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Pakistan High Commission London organized a reception at a local hotel in London, on 23 March 2016, to celebrate 76th Pakistan Day. Mr Tobias Ellwood Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), was the Chief Guest at the ceremony. Members of the Parliament, MEPs, Diplomatic Corps, Senior Civil and Military Representatives and members of the British society, including Mayors, Councillors, a cross section of British Pakistanis and representatives of media were among the guests.
In his welcome address, H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK stated that Pakistan has come a long way since its creation, after overcoming  daunting challenges, by virtue of the exemplary strength, resilience and efforts of our people.
The High Commissioner said: “Pakistan today, as a confident nation, under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, is undergoing a Silent Revolution with meaningful economic growth and development. There are enhanced investments in the fields of education, health and social justice. Pakistan, today, is a vibrant society with a free media, dynamic civil society and robust democratic structures.
“With strong resolve of the Government, determination of our people and unwavering courage of our valiant security forces, we have succeeded in defeating the forces of darkness, which wanted to push us backward.”
The High Commissioner termed China Pakistan Economic Corridor to be at the heart of the Silent Revolution and invited the Pakistani diaspora and international investors to take advantage of the profitable investment opportunities in Pakistan.
The High Commissioner expressed satisfaction over strong bilateral relations and excellent understanding between leaderships of Pakistan and the UK. He also commended the role of Pakistani diaspora in the UK in further strengthening the existing ties between the two countries.
Mr Tobias Ellwood, in his address as the Chief Guest, underlined the importance of bilateral relation as reflected in the frequent high level bilateral visits. He said he is delighted to report that recently British Foreign Secretary Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP was in Pakistan and he himself was in Pakistan a few months ago. These visits are not just for trade or tourism but for much more to strengthen the bilateral relation, added Mr Ellwood.
Mr Owen Jenkins, Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Afghanistan and Pakistan and FCO Director spoke about the shared history and links that bind Pakistan and the UK together. He commended Pakistani diaspor’s impressive role in all walks of UK’s national life. Pakistani diaspora is the very bedrock of Pakistan, UK relationship, added Mr Jenkins. He also spoke about the breadth of
bilateral relations which comprise cooperation in health, education, trade, culture and security. Over 700 guests were in attendance at the Reception.

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