Choudhry Nisar says Bilawal is politically immature

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KALAR SYEDAN, Rawalpindi: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar has said that overall security situation has improved in the country over the last three years. Credit for this goes to the civil and military leadership. political parties and the entire nation who waged an unprecedented joint struggle against the menace. Talking to the media persons at Kalar Syedan in Rawalpindi on Saturday he said that National Counter Terrorism Authority is fully functional and proactively working in different areas to combat the menace of terrorism. Interior Minister said the PPP Chairman is not a child but politically immature and he does not want to comment on his statement. Nisar said it is not mandatory to respond every non serious statement. He said nobody can replace the prime minister in the parliamentary system. In the absence of the Prime Minister because of his health issues leaves or foreign visits the cabinet continues to perform its function. Chaudhry Nisar said he was accountable before the masses and parliament and was not accountable before any report of United States or any other country. Interior Minister said efforts are being made to bring transparency in the affairs of NADRA. Nisar said he is making efforts to clean up NADRA. Nisar said he never said NADRA is corrupt rather he says NADRA and corruption could not go together.

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